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Snow has fallen

Frozen Thunder has been getting a lot of traffic since it opened and Foret Montmorency is now open as well. These tracks of snow saved since last season are great for skiers getting some "real time" before racing start. If you have a chance to ski one of these track we hope you enjoy it!

If you are look for pre-loved equipment then remember many clubs are holding their ski swaps at this time of year. A great way to get a friend or two to start into XC skiing too.

Weather of the season!

The 2014-15 winter is predicted to be not as cold as last season. That's not to say there won't be some very cold days, but not as many as last year. We're hearing that the Atlantic region is predicted to have more snowfall this year. The rest of Canada is to be closer to the long-term normal.

Speedy Riller
Now available from is the Speedy Riller in the 3-rill, 4-rill and 6-rill kits. The Speedy Riller is a high quality professional rilling system that is used by numerous teams from the World Cup to local teams and individuals. Numerous additional rills are available with the quick snap-in, snap-out system. Call us or e-mail for more information and pricing. You can read our PDF on the Speedy Riller kits. A huge success with the teams especially at 2012 XC Nationals. Order your kit for the fall ahead of time!

Cold Waxing Tips
Cold and very cold weather means you need to use cold wax and hardeners. Ski at -15° and colder with great glide and have fun. See our Cold Glide Tech Page.

Highlights of the Day

Try's Interactive Grip/Kick Wax Selector and/or Interactive Glide Wax Selector to help you pick a wax. Wax Selection Guides updated September 2011.

Recreational & Training Glide Wax

Yellow/C242 Glide
Ski*go Yellow/C242 Glide
A non-fluro glide for very warm conditions (+20°..-1°C). Great for glide on warm days.
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           Competition Glide Wax

Orange LF
Ski*go Orange LF Glide
A low fluoro glide for new & aged snow (+1°..-5°C)
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           Grip Wax

HF Red
Ski*go HF Red Kickwax
A specialized race kick wax for the difficult +1°..-3°C range. A racers edge.
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Skigo Fine Steel Brush
Fine Steel Hand Brush
The best fine steel brush. For base preparation and harder/colder waxes. Better to use than brass or copper.
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One of the greatest reasons for enjoying skiing in Canada is that it can be done just about everywhere across the country. Now with wherever you enjoying skiing you'll have fast, easy access to ski wax and waxing accessories. Additionally features lots of information for preparing and waxing skis on the Tech Pages.

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